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Description: The MyFloat is an inflatable dry bag that floats behind you, tethered to an adjustable waist strap while you swim, snorkel or do other water activities. No need to leave your stuff at the beach, it is big enough to hold it all, plus the bright colour (pink or yellow) makes it clearly visible to boaters.

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About Us & Description

Co-designed in Canada by Met Yurtcu, an avid boater & open water swim enthusiast, and Sharon Donnelly, Olympian & Triathlon Coach. Both had the need for a highly visible water resistant, inflatable bag that could be tied to the waist for swimming unencumbered or floatation if needed while providing storage for personal items.

The MyFloat is the original dual air chamber swim bag and we are proud to have a 5 star rating from our customers and retailers. We pay it forward with our support to various triathlon and swimming events that highlights participation for all levels of ability. With other bags now on the market, we appreciate the choice of consumers when you purchase our MyFloat product. We promise to continue to give a superior product with superior support. THANK YOU!


Step 1

Firmly seal the large black plugs on both sides of the bag. Then fill the centre section with your items, make sure to wrap sharp objects.

Step 2

Fold over the top 3 times to ensure a good seal. Wrap around to the front.

Step 3

Buckle the clips together, on the MyFloat logo side.

Step 4

Undo the clear valve caps and blow up with air on one or both sides as needed. To deflate, simply undo the large black caps and push out the air.


  • What is the best way to pack & adjust it?: Follow the instructions and make sure large black plugs are fully pushed in, pack items, then add air. Adjust extension strap to locate bag near your knees. Hop in the water and enjoy. If cold temperatures cause deflation you can add air while in the water (2 way valves prevents air from escaping)

  • What is the warranty on the bag?: One year full replacement. Normal usage, improper packing or storage (such as in a hot car) that leads to damage cannot be covered. If in doubt please contact us, we want you to be safe and happy.

  • What are the dimensions of the bag?: Inflated: Length = 50cm; Width = 19cm. Flat (no air) Length = 55cm; Width = 36 cm

  • What is the max weight recommended?: When carrying out of the water, weight should not be so heavy that strain is put on the cord or handles. In the water, a loaded MyFloat feels negligible in weight.

  • Is it a certified safety device?: MyFloat is not a certified safety device however swimmers and snorkelers find it useful to use for extra buoyancy.

  • Can MyFloat do custom logos?: Yes we do custom logo MyFloats. Please contact us to get more information on this service

A few videos... 
Just a few examples of how you can use the MyFloat. From training day to day, snorkelling and race support...we will be there to help support! Be Safe, Be Seen!

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The MyFloat is distributed by Nordesco Industries Inc located in Montreal, Quebec. For questions related to warranty or retailer related please contact us:

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